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Reason 2K should NOT separate NBA2K21 into CASUAL and COMPETITIVE!
They shouldn't because then most players would go to play casual and have fun, and just a whole lot of tryharders would play aggressive against other tryharders (exactly what they don't wish to do). So they should. I feel as though tryhards goes to casual dominate and NBA 2K21 MT to try. Look people operate in people and park who go squad on rec. They will not if casual mode does not have any documents. They will have no way of registering their domain in the form of numbers. And needless to say, people in general wouldn't be worried about winning or losing, but about to getting a little fun.

I disagree, although I know everything you are saying. I totally concur that 2K is awful at making at aggressive game. The 2K league is just awful to watch. But no matter if they're good at making a competitive game, there's still value in getting that clear seperation of competitive and casual. Putting shooting to the side for another, there is presently park, ante up, and pro-am if you wish to play 3v3. Let's say you keep the very same shiiting/sliders ect for all three. Earlier in the year, pro-am gave significantly more rep than playground, so the majority of the"competitive" players were playing that to rep up quicker. This made park much more pleasurable without people for someone like me who likes working with randoms.

Didn't matter if others were getting rep because I had been appreciating NBA 2K21. That got reverted along with the frustrations came back to park. Ante up serves a similar purpose but whenever there's double rep in park like yesterday for dunk fest, the sweats leave ante up to play park and it makes the events much less enjoyable than normal park. Rec is unplayable for randoms since there's no incentive for squads. If 5v5 pro am offered double rep and better matchmaking, then rec could become a casual mode without having to touch shooting ect. So regardless of whether NBA 2K21play isn't any different, there should be a seperation of casual and aggressive with incentives to the competitive players.

To address the shooting, for some reason alot of 2K gamers appear to think the skill gap in Cheap MT NBA 2K21 is how long you can hold down the shoot button. I disagree, but there is SO many players who complain about people. If the manners that are aggressive has less whites casuals and sweats would please. There are different things such as adjusting. Should 2K's primary focus be on enhancing their trash game? Absolutely. But they already have most of what they need to create a true casual and mode so I don't think that could eliminate them working on making NBA 2K21 better.

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