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First new build in 15 years
Yo. Long time no solder!

I used to hang out at AX84 & Ampage, and I've build half a dozen tube amps, but life got too busy about 15 years ago and I put the valves aside until recently (I'm now retired).

Back then I was working on a "Verberator II" prototype with Dwell/Tone/Mix reverb and Tremolo and push-pull 6BM8s, but got stuck on getting the tremolo to do its thing.

The prototype for the new "Beamer" is built in the Verberator II chassis, but the reverb & tremolo are bypassed and the preamp has been reconfigured as switchable (foot or front panel) between 'nice' and 'nasty' channels:

For bling, it's also going to get an IN-13 linear indicator tube:

The final Beamer will get a box similar to my Highway 86, but a little smaller (15 x 7 x 3 chassis).

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