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Harshness / Fizziness on Amp Build
So years ago I built an amp using I pretty sure the SEL preamp and the core 50watt PP power amp..     This amp runs great and is pretty quiet( hum wise)  when turned up to stage volume, how ever there is some harshness / fizziness in the upper EQ of the amp.   I was wondering if anyone has tamed this before...

After looking over multiple high gain amp schematics, I've noticed it's common to use say a 47 pico cap in parallel with the Plate resistor.  I seem to recalll that this might be to tame high frequencies .  I've also noticed the same 47pico cap across the phase inverter output....  as well is some RC networks in parallel with the plate resistor of the first gain stage...

Does anyone have any ideas...?  Has anyone here built a substitution box for testing....?  


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