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They Could Shoot It
Domination in my team remains broken. I played time lakers domination on all star this morning cuz im only a few stars from Shawn kemp but got blown out by 15 at halftime from the fucking computer, and so I decided to test it on ace. Attempted after this morning and the exact same shit thats happened 8 times today where I win the match and it will not register my W. yet the shoe contracts, mt, and vc were all used up for the match. I got no awards like I said its occurred 8 times today. I just tried it and blew out the computer by 24 however YET AGAIN my W nevertheless will not register. What the fuck 2k21 mt xbox one? Many upgrades have we gone through now and this godforsaken game is broken.

How the fuck would you scumbags expect us to have the time to keep doing this shit repeatedly and over and over again? Ive spent money on this pay to acquire bullshit on packs that will not give me good players. Was in 2016. I hope u fuckface developers read this and feel bad because its fucking dreadful to have put out a match this broken. Im playing with 7 diamond cards in my lineup and I cant even begin to describe the grueling encounter I've playing on the maximum difficulty. The computer moves just go directly through the defenders, almost every contested shot goes, and each time the computer dunks they simply glitch directly to the basket. Fucking get your shit.

Players that perform with themselves have trouble finding AM teams. If you were able to submit your construct to a totally free agency database, at which existing Guru AM teams could undergo and"draft" players, or invite them to a match for a tryout, would enable solo players to finally find a team that will require their play style. They would have the ability to find all your stats, so that it might incentive players to become better teammates in hopes they'll be picked for a team. I enjoy playing rec but hate it at precisely the same time as I wish to play competitive team basketball, but most of the time wind up getting stuck with a team where the squad of 2-3 players just pass to one another, then I am stuck with playing out the entire game. Players who submit their builds into the agency listing, would also have access to it. 2K would see a huge boost in Pro AM teams and allow players who can't use this entire characteristic of the game to give it a shot.

A button the press during a pass which makes the 2k21 mt central player catching it to make an effort to grab the ball out three-point line instead of a guy who's sitting still in the corner wide open taking a step into catch the pass out of my pg who has hall of fame dimer. At the same sort of idea maybe there may be a button which lets the player to catch a pass at a jump stop-animation so that they can shoot straight away in their normal jump shot rather than having to lean or having to wait another before they can shoot it. I'm pretty sure all people despise it when we catch a pass and the game animation forces us to step within the three-point line rather than shooting the three people wanted.

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