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Preamp for SS power stage
Hi, long time no see. How are you all?  Smile

Ten years ago you all helped me to launch a small all-valve amp for a double bass, and I love it, I have changed it more often than my shirt, and now I am finally happy with it. Thank you all for supporting my interest.

But then I got bored, I got itchy fingers, I'm sure you can relate.

So, now I seem to have bought a 500W solid state MOSFET power stage that runs from a ±90v bipolar supply, and needs a ± 1v RMS signal into it (2.82v peak-peak) with an input impedance of 50k. I want to put a valve preamp stage in front of it. I am thinking that if I can go with B+ being 90v that would make it simple.

Ten years ago, some of you suggested this as a good solution (I ignored you - sorry about that). Now I'm taking that seriously. What is the best way to do this? Thoughts / suggestions / hints / conspiracy theories all welcome.

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