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The sooner we accept that Madden nfl is faulty as a whole
I didn't even realize that I was being downvoted. I believed I had a reasonable argument also, which is a real shame. But the easiest way to perform is the franchise. As much as I used to appreciate online franchises, I've had far too many bad adventures with them and they to play with as far as I used to. Regardless, I still think that it's very silly that people think that cheese is Mut 20 coins restricted to supreme team. It's almost like they're in denial. When you have a look at the ultimate group reddit, they whine about cheese know. You guys are not the only ones. The sooner we accept that Madden nfl is faulty as a whole, the better.

The guy with o linemen at wr and a punter in QB is going to win the Madden Bowl

Ea ought to be embarrassed by what's happening. Dcroft has made it to the finals with an off-meta crime and it looks like he's likely to lose to joke who runs the ball every play. I know Madden nfl is not over yet, but Dcroft has close to 0 passing yards, therefore that I do credit Joke's shield, but still. I'm not putting this on Joke in any way, do everything you gotta do to win, he has been consistent in most madden tourneys the past few years so that it's not like it was. It is Ea's fault that they designed Madden nfl to where somebody triumph and with this kind of crime could put up points.

Yall are crazy for saying he should be ashamed and that nonsense, although im not the biggest fan of Joke and I was expecting a passer would win. Blame ea and their shitty game, not the players. Theyre playing for tens of thousands of dollars theyre gont do exactly what gives them the opportunity to win. Even Clint himself apparently said in several years back that noone should ever get mad at the gamers and its own about the devs to produce a better match. The reality is ea created a dreadful game and salary cap particularly participates in favour of runners. Madden nfl stinks but cant blame Joke.

It's an embarrassment. His defense has been good but I would be ashamed to acquire running a punter at QB. When the announcers need to behave like it is amazing that his run game is so excellent, it's even worse. Only reason his D is so good, is bc he can put practically his whole salary cap to his defense. He is arguably the best defensive head in Madden, ever. I really don't think that is always correct. He is always quite good at creating salary cap lineups. EA signs their paychecks after all, gotta do their job hyping up the running game of Joke. Today is cheap Madden 20 coins a sad day indeed, all of the belt winners this season are pure runners.

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