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I've never met an mer who thought all that time playing RuneScape
I've never met an mer who thought all that time playing RuneScape, WoW, anything was not a huge waste of life. When I was a child I discovered the Runescape black market forums (tear fgf) and spent my time trading accounts and making the ailing GPs by doing middlemen such and things. That ain't bad for a child although wound up cashing out and bought myself a new computer at winrsgold 14, ended up around minimum wage returns. I then took that computer and got to WoW, which had been a complete waste of my life.

Story here anyhow Clash of Clans. Started off with one account as my nephew wanted me to play it, made a second one to encourage my main one, made a third because.I dun. Spent approximately $60 on microtransactions, offered the accounts. CoC doesn't need players selling accounts to sell an account you want to market the entire email address it is attached to, and that if that's your private address obviously you don't wish to. Email their client support complaining your personal details were uploaded by a bully from college on a site called 4chan and now you need to use a new email address. Under this circumstance they're prepared to let you transfer your accounts. Worked 3 times.

It's a tough pill to swallow. I'm actually a little amazed at the lengths I went to convince myself that my daily 20 hour RuneScape sessions were not a indication of acute mental illness. I had my epiphany after becoming the best warrior on my server in vanilla WoW. My Arcanite Reaper was dreaded in PVP, I was rich with tens of thousands of gold in my bank but nothing left to buy, I'd crushed every boss several occasions. My digital self was honed to perfection, I look down from the display at my growing intestine and pasty skin and recognize my real-world STR and END stats had declined greatly in just 1 year. If I applied this level of effort, I thought, damn. I quit cold turkey and started getting wealthy and working a lot more, leading to getting laid and lifting.

My friends tried to tempt me back years later after the panda upgrade so that I tried it but I was so bored with RuneScape game I'd eventually become within an hour of playing. Even though you mad a bad life choice by throwing away a whole years worth of work, it's very good to know you have friends trying to get you into a healthy location once more. They are currently offering you a second chance.

I was not doxxed, but I don't like reddit as far as I used to. It feels like an addiction or a diversion at the moment and it is amazingly sad how often I am noticing myself believe"oh you should take a photo of this and share it" or"that is a funny story you should post this", I don't appear to enjoy doing things for the sake of it any more and rather it's me trying to get reactions from people, whether that's disgust or bliss. Last month I challenged myself to have a week off reddit because I noticed I was on it too far, I lasted two days and then started coming back on buy RS gold now, so recently I just thought fuck it I have to have the ability to go more than 2 days without going on here, that's not healthy.

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