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Can a 6x5 drive PP 6V6 guitar amp
Looking for advice as to whether a 6X5 can support the current draw of a push pull 6v6.

I have this crazy vision to make a guitar amp with an 1950 Packard/Buick 6V car radio (and its tube complement) and a power transformer that I pulled from a Webster Chicago 2010 reel to reel

The tubes for the amp will be (2)6v6 driven by a 6SQ7 PI, driven by a 6SK7 pentode preamp on channel 1 and a 6SQ7 triode Preamp on channel 2. This is the setup in the packard radio, and I think it would be cool with these tubes as a guitar amp. I calculate the Webster 2010 pulls 90ma HV for plates which is about what the guitar amp tube set would draw.

The Webster 2010 (schematic below) drives Push Pull 6v6 with the 6x5 and the transformer that I have. But is 210v on the 6V6 plates going to be high enough for the guitar amp?


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