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Ordering Heyboer/Doberman Universal SE OT
Hi Folks,

I'm thinking about doing a batch order of the great Heyboer/Doberman universal single ended output that we used to get.  These were well loved back in the day and I don't remember anybody ever having anything but good things to say.

These had 2.5K,4k and 6k  primary taps and 4/8/16 secondary taps.  Heyboer told me these will handle 144ma full duty and probably a bit more for audio duty.  We figured these are good for about 20 watts single ended.  I used them on all kinds of amps from little bitty things up to KT88 and they rocked.

The price looks like it has gone up a lot from where it was ten years ago (imagine that).  I think cost on them will be about $60USD before shipping to you.

If you're interested in ordering one (or hopefully more), shoot me an email at chrish at ax84 dotcom and we can talk about it. 

Best regards,

Chris Hurley

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