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Update on Mary (Old-timers will understand)
Hi all,

I used to be a regular contributor here but my wife's health went south for quite a few years.  Everyone on here was amazingly supportive when it first started (including one member offering part of his liver Big Grin ).  Well, we reached the end last wednesday.  Mary passed away on January 29th surrounded by her family.  It had gotten to the point that we knew she was either going to be getting a liver in the next couple of weeks or she would be passing away in that same time.  We were hopeful for a liver but we knew it was a long shot for the last couple of months.  Her condition degraded very quickly during the the last two weeks of her life and it was very bitter-sweet to watch her pass simply because of the amount of pain that she had been in for the last few years.  She's not feeling that now and is free. I just wanted to update everyone on this and thank everyone for the support.  I would still get the occasional email from members asking about her.

Not a time for sadness, but for celebration and rememberance.


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