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Shocked through a tube shield!!!
Been a long time since building.  Playing a P1-Ex I built several years ago.  Everything going fine, sounds great, then it starts to sound weird like it’s starting to cut out.
Went to wiggle the preamp tube shield thinking maybe the tube is loose and got a shock through the shield.  
Promptly shut it down and turned on another.

Any thoughts on where to start?  My troubleshooting skills are quite rusty...
Is it possible that the place I was playing had funky wiring that this could happen?  Just checked the amp’s grounds and voltages and all seems ok at home.  No zaps, numbers look good.
Someone else was plugging in and setting up at the time this happened.  Can’t imagine it would somehow backfeed through the amp bit maybe if an outlet is wired wrong?
The tube shield is normally connected to the chassis, so unless your chassis was 'hot' I can't see how it could shock you?
A faulty or missing ground at the location could cause that.  You would not be able to reproduce that once you got home and plugged into a properly wired outlet.

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