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Like the new look
Just went to to discover we have a new site. I just registered. Love the new look. See you around!
agreed - here's hoping more folks follow !
(01-01-2020, 02:10 PM) Wrote: agreed - here's hoping more folks follow !

I hope so too.  The old forum had a certain comfort to it if you used no other forums but this one resembles most other forums so it should be more familiar these days.
Found it! And yes, I like the new look.
I have registered under a new name, seems, after a bit of looking around that one could bring ones AX84 name over...tja, no matter. New decade, new name, new forum...but hopefully lots of the same great members. I've never posted much - more of a silent (but humbly appreciative ) lurker.
It seems images can still not be posted, making it different from most other sites, but that is not necessarily a bad thing - less junk. But dropping in a snip of schematic/circuitry that one wants to disscuss is convenient, but I guess linking, as before, it is fine.

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