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20W SE poweramp
I'm a long time lurker first time posting. I have built a few pedals and a PCB version Firefly but my experience and knowledge are fairly limited.
I'm planning to build a low wattage Sunn model T clone, my plan is copy the original preamp and use a power amp from one of the projects here and I have a couple of questions.

Can I take the power amp for the SEL plans and swap the KT88 for a 6550 safely without changing any components? How about hooking it up ultralinear like the original model T?

Do you think the character of the amp would be better captured with a smaller push pull UL power amp with different tubes than the original or a SE UL power amp with the correct tube?

Thank you
The 6550 will swap in for a KT88 in the SEL just fine. Except for the higher maximum voltage ratings of the KT88, the tubes are very similar. Wiring a 6550 in UL mode, however, will require a different output transformer, one with a UL tap. I can't help you regarding how UL mode might affect the tone of the amp, having built neither flavor.

First off, I'll warn this. Clones are pretty difficult. Unless you use the very exacting transformers and components, it probably won't be the same.

UL is very different sounding than PP not using UL taps. SE is very different sounding than PP. So to answer you question, the best way to capture the sound of a UL amp is to run it UL. Even using the same tubes, this holds true.

I'd be inclined to use two smaller tubes, like 6V6's in UL PP to get a 20W poweramp. They won't sound like KT88/6550 exactly, but it will probably better replicate what you are after.

FWIW UL is very transparent. It won't really matter if you use a 20W or 50W poweramp. You won't want to push it into overdrive, most likely. The purpose of UL is not as such but I really can't tell you if it sounds good or not. The only experience I have with UL PAs are huge wattage not meant to be overdriven.
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