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Cliff Chappell 4-4-0 Heyboer O/P TXER

Regrettably Cliff Chappell passed away in Nov/2017, and I'm unable to purchase an output transformer from him.

Does anyone know the Heyboer model number for the 4-4-0 output transformer that Cliff had built for his Chappell amp kits?

I have checked various links and I come to a dead end every time.

Thanks for your assistance.

Kind regards

Weren't Cliff's Heyboer transformers custom-made? You may end up having to use the regular 4-4-0, which is a Hammond. I have a Heyboer HTS-7687-2.5, which Chris Hurley (Doberman Amps) had custom-made. I checked, but the HTS-7687-2.5 is an SE output transformer, so it can't be the one you need.
I'm planning on using the following OT in an October Studio in the coming months:

4W, 22k. But I guess you aren't in Europe...

I'm already using one in a Firefly with self-split 12AU7 which sounds great.
Cliff offered two versions of the custom Heyboers over the years.

Heyboer # HTS-9565 9960841
Push/pull 10W
22k Blu-Red-Brn
Secondary: 0,4,8,16 (Blk,Yel,Grn,Org)
This transformer is vertical mount.

Quad 6SN7 output version
Heyboer # HTS-10021 9961001
Push/pull 10W
Primary: 23K (Blu-Red-Brn)
& 11.5K (Blu/wht-Red-Brn/wht)
Secondary: 0,4,8,16 (Blk,Yel,Grn,Org)
This transformer is horizontal mount.

Both versions have end bells.

Hope this helps.

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