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Can i build a two channels hi octane?
Hi everyone, this is my first post, i have an old stereo tube radio who has 12au7 and el84, i want to use it to build a hi octane, can i build two of them and feed it with the same power transformer and use it like two channels single ended? My idea is to build it with a 2 x 12 speakers, each of them in a different output transformer, and maybe put two standby switch to power off one of them when i don't need to much power. Is that possible?
Sure why not. It's basically two amps.

Are you going to do separate preamps or a single preamp feeding a stereo output? Either can be done.

I'd suggest putting an FX loop in between the preamp and the power amp stage because certain FX pedals can be run in stereo (delays and such) for some pretty cool effect.

The 12AU7 won't be great for a HO. Make sure you use 12AX7s.
I suggest you also take a look at the preamp from old the Renegade project for inspriration:

The renegade offers a switched two-channel preamp essentialy consisting of of HO and P1 that drive a push-pull output stage. You could drop the push-pull amp a run an HO single-ended output stage pretty easily. You may also want to search for "renegade" as folks have discussed variants that mixed the two stages instead of switching them and variants with distinctly voiced, high-gain channels.


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