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Discussion Forum Closing Down
With heavy heart I must announce that we are shutting down the AX84 discussion forum in a few days.

With the looming impact of new EU regulations on personal data and being able to remove anything you've ever posted, I just have no energy to make sure that AX84 isn't running afoul of these things in some way.

In the past, people have volunteered to start forums and the like. Hopefully, someone will announce that they have a forum available that can be the new home for these discussions.

I expect to keep the main project documents online for a while but I would recommend making personal copies of these things for future use.

Its been a great ride. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Best regards,

Oh what a sad day this is for me! Sad

I want to echo the others' comments. This has been, by far, the best place to discuss amplifier ideas and practical design. How well this diverse crew of builders has gotten along is testament to the strength or your original vision and your ongoing commitment to keeping things civil.

Thanks for letting us join in with you and for doing the hard work necessary to keep things going for the nearly 20 years this site has operated. It's hard to believe I've been participating here for nearly a third of my lifespan.

With much regard and admiration,

This is a sad end to a great forum. Thanks for the years and years of fun and education.
Just on the off chance that anyone is interested in taking over O&M of the forum, I'd be interested in at least discussing ways to ensure GDPR compliance, processes and policies needed, etc. Just a thought...

I'm hoping that we can soon announce a forum that has agreed to support our refugees. Stay tuned!

Chris, your long term efforts appear to be mainly a labour of love, which we all appreciate. I hope the present situation clarifies itself and you are settled with the outcome.
well nuts.

Anyone know an easy way (like a linux script or something) to download all the schematics stored here easily without having to click on every single one? Just the main page schematics not all the ones people linked to in the discussion area, of course.

We'll have more details soon but its looking like we will have a place to go before too long. I think it will end up being a good fit.

It looks *possible* that the message history can be transferred and also *possible* that the schematics and such will be hosted as well.

I'd rather everyone not run scraping bots against the site because I will end up having to throttle or block them and thats extra work that I don't need. Stay tuned- we'll have an announcement soon.


Hey Chris,
Some years ago reading this site inspired me try my hand. So I bought a Doberman SEL. I thought it didn't work until I plugged my guitar in. Then... Wow!

Anyway, when I ordered the kit from Cliff he told me his garage was full of amps and did I want one for $100. I bought it and he sent a chassis complete with tubes. Sounded great!

I decided my first cab would be of pine - a learning material. Well I put his prototype in mine. Now that he has passed away I believe it's time to share this jewel, mainly with you but also with the site in general.

So here is Cliff's amp in its home. I play it often and I'm thankful of how much he inspired me. Just as you have. Thanks to both of you.
Ken Graves
Activax Amplification
I sure hope your plan to move the forum and keep it and it's treasure trove of information intact works out.

I am extremely sad to think this forum will be gone.

I spent literally years of my life talking with the guys here and I learned so much. I never found any other web communities such the
folks here. It just seems like it was a much better group.

I can actually draw a tube amp schematic better than a SS one.
Few other sites can impart such knowledge with the same level of community. I look back on things I did back then.

The projects I built...
I thought I had this solved about a year ago but the plans fell through, so here we are again.

I'd really like to find someone to take over the AX84 project and BBS. It needs a rebirth and a new home. I'd like to find someone who is as passionate about it as I used to be twenty years ago and not just someone that wants to give it a warm grave.

If anyone out there is interested in taking over the reigns, please drop me a line. Unless you are pretty competent with webhosting technologies- PHP, etc..., its probably not going to be your thing.

The transition would look something like this:

* You will come up with a name for AX84's rebirth and we make an announcement with a timeline.
* You write translation software to convert data from very basic database structure to whatever forum you are planning to use. The AX84 BBS software will die in this process but I'll give you a sanitized database dump to use for the new site. People will need to re-apply for accounts because the passwords are hashed in a way that you won't be able to re-use.
* We will figure out a transition plan for the project files to move to their new home. The AX84 site software will die in this process.
* We will come up with an agreement giving you any rights that I have to use the project files for noncommercial purposes. I will also work out a favorable agreement to use the project files for commercial purposes that I have the rights to.
* We will link to the new site from for a period of time.
* will remain my domain name.
* I will ride off into the sunset.

Are you the one? Email me. I'm chrish.

Best regards,


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