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Fender Power and Output transformers for sale
Hey guys, I used to be a regular on here about seven or eight years ago, but I moved abroad and was out of the electronics game for quite a long time, but I'm back in the USA now and I've got some things I want to unload before I start some new projects. My whole tube amp hobby started with the help of AX84 so I decided to list here first.

Anyway, I have three old Fender transformers to sell:

Pulled from a Fender PA135 (4x6L6, 6x12AX7) we have the 013691 / EIA606-004 output transformer and A013692 / EIA606-002 power transformer. The PT is quite large, while the OT is a bit more reasonable size. Both have some surface rust, and have leads that are 2-3 inches long at least.

Then I have another power transformer:
L022756 / CSA 827 / 606-4-30, which according to my research is 690V Center tapped @ 310mA, and has 6.3v @ 6A for the heaters. It's also quite large. It's definitely old and not super clean looking, but it works.

I'd prefer to ship only in the USA because they're all quite heavy. I'm not looking to gouge anyone so I'll listen to any reasonable offer. If you're fixing an old amp, or want to build a high power amp, this is your chance.

Reply back here or email me at dgarlans AT gmail DOT com and we can make a deal!


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