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Looking for Oct Studio Xfrms
Does anyone happen to have a set of Heyboer iron for the October Studio, or 4-4-0, they'd be willing to part with?

I need the PT, OT & CHOKE of course.

Perhaps you bought these and put them up for that rainy day project that didn't manage to get built on any of the many rainy days that have since come and gone.
Been there...done that.

I have my amp about 80% finished and am fully committed to finishing it.
But i need to acquire the iron before i can complete my chassis layout.

I really do, prefer to go with the Heyboers, rather than Edcores, simply because Chappell had the Heyboers custom built to his specs with these two amps in mind.

I completed one a few years back and i love it so much that i've now committed myself to building a backup.

So... If you have them, let me know and we'll work something out.

Thanks, and best regards,
Hi Headspaz,
I have a 440 that I built from a Chappell kit many years ago that I ended modding to a higher power amplifier. It originally had Hammond transformers and I bought a Heyboer OT from Cliff for $65.00. I had intended to make something else with them but never got around to it... The PT is a Hammond 269JX. Both are in excellent condition. The PT's leads are cut to length for Cliff's layout. The OT leads are almost full length. The mouser price for the PT new is $52.00. Let me know if you're interested. I live in Massachusetts.

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