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Finally a song sample of my Simple20 build...
So I finally have a song more-or-less "finished" song (whatever that means... lol) that uses my Simple20 build for all guitar tracks. It's a cover of one of my all-time-favorite Larry Norman tunes...

The Simple20 is the Simple Preamp mated with the 20W PP poweramp, with no negative feedback and another change here or there that I don't remember. For the record, I absolutely LOVE this amp and it is my #1 stage amp and has been since I built it.

Rhythm parts are a Carvin AE185 with their Holdsworth pickups into a Fulltone Full Drive 3 boost section only. No compression or other effects except some reverb in the DAW. Rhythm get slightly "heavier" only by digging in a little harder. The reason it is not "clean" is the boosting in front of the amp and the fact that the NFB loop is defeated. Lead parts are the same chain but then also into the comp-cut mode overdrive of the FD3 and then into a ZenDrive clone I built.

I recorded it direct using a Suhr Reactive Load into Torpedo Wall of Sound III for impulse response hosting only.

Thanks for listening and I'd appreciate any comments you have on the amp!

In June it is going into the studio for my band's new album! Totally looking forward to that!
Best southern rock tone I've heard in years. Captures that elusive Skynyrd/Molly Hatchet/Outlaws tone quite nicely!
The amplifier sounds very good - classic vibe, very southern rock like giorfida suggested. I think Simple Man would sound great with that amplifier. Time to dig out my Skynyrd collection....

So you are simply boosting the signal to get the overdrive? Does the amplifier overdrive on it's own?

Thank you for posting the clip!
I like it. I think the tone works great.
I've kinda been on a "get it done quickly" kick with recording lately and have been using the S-Gear amp sim plugin, which I get very good results with. On a whim, I decided to try my Simple 20b with my Suhr Reactive Load and the Celestion G12-65 impulse responses I just bought.

First, I tracked some rhythm tracks with my Deluxe Roadhouse Strat and I _really_ loved the results... much better than the "on the verge" settings I was getting from S-Gear. This was running just the boost section from my FullDrive 3 as I did earlier in this post and no other pedals. (Verb added in the DAW.) Then I tracked some lead parts with my Ibanez Artstar AM153 (335-knockoff) both with just the boost and then also with the OD from the FD3 engaged. Same impulse responses and some delay/verb in the DAW. Holy cow wow... far and away better than anything I was getting in S-Gear.

So yeah, really pleased with the results and not that much more work than plugging into S-Gear and finding the right preset. This amp just brings loads of smiles to my face even after 2+ years. I need to stop being so lazy and make this my main recording setup too.

Also, I was discussing the Aion pedal kits. I received and built my Zendrive kit and I am very impressed with his kit. It used a very nice modular PCB design and jumper cables to do all the connections. Very easy build and sounds great. Highly recommended if you like pedal buiding.

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