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Looking for a Lite IIb board.
Hi all. I'm looking to purchase a Lite IIb board to convert my Epi Valve Jr. head from a 5-watt to an 18-watt. I tried to order one from, but I read that the main guy, Terry, is no longer with us. I saw that his wife was going to continue selling them, but I've emailed her a couple of times and have got no response. Sooooooooo...does any one have a Lite IIb board they'd be willing to sale, or maybe point me in the direction of one?
Honestly not too sure if you can fit everything that it will take to make an 18w in an GVJ chassis. I have a few smaller boards that may fit but they are already loaded.
There is no board in this, but AES does sell a conversion kit with all the components you need...

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