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C6 keeps on poping
Hi there!

I am troubleshooting my P1 project right now.
The amp is playing fine (already 3rd prototype) and playing identically to previous ones.

However the problem I have is that after ca 20 seconds into switching on stand by the amp burned already two c6 capacitors (cathode bypass cap).

Both times the polarity was correct - however after 2nd failure I checked grounding and apparently the negative leg of capacitor has not been tied to ground. Can this be the source of trouble?

Because otherwise the amp played fine and of course I switched it off ASAP after the accident. The cathode resistor and tubes seem okay. Can a capacitor with only positive pin connected kind of overcharge and explode?

many thanks for your input.

In a word, yes!
I am facing different difficulties and issues about it. when I did not know what happening next then my little brother show me do my accounting homework to guide me about its popping because he knew it.

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