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Offer to take over AX84 administration
Hey guys, I emailed Chris directly but I wanted to put the offer out here in case he doesn't get it, maybe someone else knows how to get ahold of him more directly. I'm more than willing to move the AX84 project over to cloud hosting and foot the bill for a year or two (it's pretty cheap) and preserve the database chock full of valuable BBS threads.

Eventually, if I can rewrite some of the code behind the site, we can move it to one of the many available open source hosts that give away free hosting. We could also put the amp designs into version control, so people can contribute fixes to the official designs more readily. Some of those poor things have errata from 10 years ago that's never been integrated!

So Chris if you're reading this please reply and get me involved before we have a hardware failure! I'd love to help out.
Anyone know how to contact him? I haven't heard from Chris. Thank you!
Offer still stands, hoping a personal friend of Chris can reach out.

An offer to get the administration innovation is here for the staff. An email is sent for the improvement of the zety review for future times. The response of the email is not yet received. The innovation administration is marked for the host of the halted devices for the candidates.

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