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Epiphone Valve Junior - Low Output Issue ?
Hi , good to see the new site running.   My old Valve Junior head is suddenly very quiet, somewhat distorted but not humming or buzzing at all.   This amp has not been modded since 2012 so nothing has changed.

So far I have....
- swapped out both tubes
- chopsticked
- cleaned the pots and jacks
- checked the ohms to ground at all pins
- checked connectivity between key points
- retensioned sockets
- checked B+
- checked heater voltage
- visually checked electrolytics
- checked the OT via this method -

Everything looks perfectly fine and so far nothing made any change at all to the weak sound.    I originally thought it could be the OT but that seems unlikely now.

At this point I am thinking I need to start looking at electrolytics, but I'd expect hum to be an issue.

Any suggestions most welcome.
Just to document the resolution of this issue, in case anyone can use for reference.

I swapped out the stock OT for a Hammond 125CSE - problem solved and the new OT sounds amazing relative to how the old one ever did.

So the OT test method I listed above is not foolproof either and I have no idea how the OT went bad, but at least the issue is resolved.

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