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More speakers in kab equals lower volume?

I have P1 that is Just starting to bloom after some fixes. This results in me playing more and louder to get the correct sound. I have a 1x12 now but considering upgrading to 2x12 or 4x12. Will this make it lounder or will it be at a lower volume. Assuming more speakers need more power for the same volume.

Wife prefers lower volume..

Anyone got experiance with this?
I run my P1eX into a 1x12 and 4x12. The 4x12 seems louder, but I don't know if this is due to more efficient drivers in the 4x12 cabinet or due to the fact that 4 speakers move more air than 1 speaker. Assuming the impedance is matched properly to the amp, I would guess more speakers sounds louder, but I'm willing to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable.

As far as "overall volume" goes, the efficiency/sensitivity of the speakers will have a much larger effect than the number of speakers.

When you add speakers, you have more surface area to push more air, which results in more "volume." However this is counteracted by the fact that the power the amp is delivering is now distributed across multiple speakers. So a 1x12 vs a 4x12 will not necessarily be louder or quieter overall.

The biggest thing to consider is how much speaker breakup you want. Since a single speaker is pushing all the air on its own, it has to drive harder to achieve a given volume. Multiple speakers on the other hand, don't have to push as hard for the cab to reach the same given volume, so the individual speakers will break up later. This means the single speaker cab will break up at a lower volume, whereas the multiple speaker cab will have less speaker breakup at higher volumes (which makes them smoother when pushed louder.)

Since the multiple speakers are pushing more air across a larger surface area (and in slightly different directions) the multi speaker setup will also fill a room with sound more efficiently, so even though the measurable amplitude may be the same as a single speaker cab, the perceived loudness and intelligibility will be greater throughout the room.

If you're looking to get more crunchy distorted tones at a quieter volume, a smaller less efficient speaker may be what you're looking for. The 10" Greenback is a fantastic speaker for that.
Conventional wisdom on this is more of the same speaker means more volume. Of course, as everyone else said, change the speakers and that could change because of efficiency ratings of the different speaker. So, yes a 2x12 with Vintage 30's would be slightly louder than a 1x12 with a single Vintage 30 because of the whole "pushing more air" thing.

Another thing you can try is a "detuned cabinet." The idea is, take a 2x12 cabinet and remove one of the speakers so there is a giant hole in the baffle where the speaker once was. This results in about the same volume and tone as the 2x12 config but with less weight but a slightly more "open 3d sound." For a 4x cabinet remove 2... so basically half the speakers. This actually works very well in my experience.

Now if I can only figure out how to only remove half of a speaker in a 1x12 cabinet... ;-)

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