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2x half finished projects - Vic, Australia
Hi all,

About two years ago I popped back onto the forum to off-load left-overs from my old electronics repair shop, I've got two unfinished projects left which I'd like to find a home for, happy to hear any offers. I have plenty of pics of each available upon request:

The first one is a pretty standard 18W power amp with a preamp designed to have many voices with a 'GDS 18W Vintage' transformer set. The front panel has lots of switches to adjust voice, lead bias etc, resonance and presence controls, all on a silver, sublimation printed faceplate. In a semi-finished 1x12" cab (no speaker). Circuit probably needs a little clean and test, but when this one was last played it was considered 'prototyped and ready'. Would be a great amp to finish and play, or strip it for the parts if you want...

The second was still in prototyping stage when I lost contact with the buyer, this one took inspiration from the Fender Deluxe and Marshall 6v6 Plexi. I think the iron came from Nick at Ceriatone. The plans included effects loop, remote channel switching, all the fun stuff. Comes in a compact (but ugly as sin) 1x12 combo on wheels (with tolex, but no speaker). This one was on it's second iteration of prototype, some sections removed in preparation of going onto the final board for more teaching, so will need some reassembly before it'll make a noise again. All parts are there, some spare remote relay boards too.

Make an offer, take 'em home, one or both. I'm located in Geelong, but travel to Melbourne regularly, so happy to drop off to you if you're along my route.

Feel free to get in touch for more info, pictures etc, I'll just be happy for these two go to a good home rather than deteriorating in the shed! sdrobb at hotmail
Hi Steve
I am Tim I live in Adelaide and want to build an October
If you still have a any stuff I would like to hear from you
My best contact is 0412046180
Thank you
Hi Steve Haven't heard from you perhaps you can email me at

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