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10W A2 pastiche?
...Because any post in the Bass forum would be a necro-post....

...I submit my pastiche of an AX84 bass amplifier. It's born from a need for double-duty as a clean-ish guitar amplifier and bass practice/studio amplifier.

10-ish watts single-ended class A2.
Marshall something-or-another input stage >> Sound City [James] tonestack >> DC-drive 12au7 triode pair. [LDR AC-coupled to AC bypass; tremolo feed from external LDR] >> MOSFET source follower >> 2K5:4R OT [switchable cathode feedback; feedback damping HPF &zobel]

Sounds quite nice through a sealed 2x12 [deltalite 2512 + G100-12T]. I waffle back and forth on a few preamp values...the purple markings exist on jumper leads. I look forward to commentary, especially from those whose designs have formed grist for my mill...

...the MOSFET supply is hamstrung to keep screen runaway from killing more tubes...I'd REALLY appreciate opinions on the matter. Schematic should be available at:
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